Public Art: Orono

“Stand of Elms” 2011

I just installed an illuminated, glass Sculpture at the University of Maine, Orono. It’s 4’x4’x5.5’

The photographs wrap around the cube as one continuous landscape and capture a group of American Elm trees in Castine, Maine.

History: The University’s campus mall was at one time lined with American Elm trees – almost all of which suffered the blight of Dutch Elm Disease. Dr. Richard Campana (1918 – 2005, professor emeritus at the University of Maine, Orono) was an expert on Dutch Elm Disease and helped develop/administer a vaccine that saved innumerable American Elm trees including more than 300 in the town of Castine, Maine.

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Public Art: Brunswick

“Finding Words” 2011

This summer I installed four photographic murals at the Harriet Beecher Stowe Elementary School in Brunswick, Maine.  The images were captured throughout the Maine seasons. Each piece consists of a photograph combined with a word and together are meant to be open to interpretation. (4’x4’ each)

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Public Art: Gorham

“Maple Leaf” 2011

This summer I installed an eight piece photographic, glass mural in the library at the Great Falls Elementary School, Gorham, Maine. (100 square feet.)

The photographs are a collection of images capturing a maple leaf at a point in its life cycle where the outer epidermis has fallen away leaving only the lacy, cellular structure visible… an interior landscape tied to the outside world.



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